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Radio Mr. Mopps'

At Mr. Mopps', we listen to all kinds of music to keep it moving here. It's a truly eclectic mix- Music of the Arab, Latin, and African diasporas, Brazilian jazz, American soul, Southeast Asian pop from the 60s, classic Bollywood, reggae, dancehall, ska, world folk music, old-time R&B, calypso, contemporary lo-fi beats, pre-golden-era hip hop... All kinds of groovy and funky funky funky stuff from all over the world. The Moppses are music freaks, and we get bored with one type of music all day, and our playlist reflects that.

People kept asking us what station on the streaming platforms we were listening to, and we were'nt- it was just an old iPod with some of our favirite jams on it.

Thus, Radio Mr. Mopps' was born! We started compiling a public playlist of the stuff from our iPod that we could find on Spotify. And then we added to it. And added to it. And added to it. It's become a whole thing. We add a couple of hours of tunes to it every two or three weeks now. And we've kept it public for the people. We listen to it at home all the time, even, whenever we want some music on but don't want to choose. It's pretty solid. Check it out if you like. For best results, hit shuffle.

Tune in here!